Watching Airplanes — Psyop 2xLP-BRPBR001-2018

Watching Airplanes - Psyop cover

  • Artist: Watching Airplanes
  • Title: Psyop
  • Catalogue: BRPBR001
  • Format: 2 x 12” LP Vinyl + Digital
  • Country: UK/DE
  • Release: April 2018
  • Distribution : Chez Émile
  • 300 copies
  • Get a copy : Vinyl / Digital

The two versatile record labels Banlieue and Peur Bleue are joining forces for a very special occasion: Psyop, the outstanding debut album by Watching Airplanes, a production duo breaking through in 2018.

Psyop opens up an alternate reality where dance music is freed from the yoke of genre-based distinctions and is no longer tied to any dancefloor norms. By exploring different moods with smooth sailing and rough patches, It is an intense journey in the murky world of psychological mass conspiracy. This LP could very well be the soundtrack for an cutting-edge Orwellian sci-fi movie or an imagined futuristic venue where music and dance of a new kind are performed. Forward-thinking dance music from the future seems like the most accurate description for this album devoid of any tropes or nostalgia.

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Watching Airplanes - Psyop Vinyls

Watching Airplanes - Psyop Vinyl A Watching Airplanes - Psyop Vinyl B Watching Airplanes - Psyop Vinyl C Watching Airplanes - Psyop Vinyl D

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