Benoit B — Tropico Timelexia EP-PBR007-2016


  • Artist: Benoit B
  • Title: Tropico Timelexia
  • Catalogue: PBR007
  • Format: 12” Vinyl (duotone Black/Silver cover & label) + Digital
  • Country: UK
  • Release: Novembre 2016
  • Distribution : Chez Émile
  • 300 copies / 180g vinyl
  • Get a copy : Vinyl / Digital

Tropico Timelexia is a rare tropical disease. In the midst of oppressive heat and humidity, the subject loses notion of time and experiences delirium. Fearless explorer Benoit B takes us through his elevating journey in the depth of an atemporal and sweltering world with this beautiful new EP for Peur Bleue Records.

From the hazy and voluptuous atmosphere of ‘Zanzibar Sunrise’ and ‘Weekend Girl’ to the rough and throbbing vibrations of ‘Crystal Fuselage’ and ‘A Night In Gobi Desert’, Tropico Timelexia EP is a flushed expedition where humans seem to have lost control over nature.

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