Gohan — Mount Athos EP-PBR008-2017

  • Artist: Gohan
  • Title: Mount Athos
  • Catalogue: PBR008
  • Format: 12” Vinyl (duotone Black/Bronze cover & label) + Digital
  • Country: UK
  • Release: September 2017
  • Distribution : Chez Émile
  • 300 copies / 180g vinyl
  • Get a copy : Vinyl / Digital (soon)

After two years of silence, Peur Bleue Records’ patriarch Gohan comes back from his meditation hut on the heights of the Mount Athos with a new relic-EP. Covering ambient, kosmische electro, techno and coldwave, this is music that will elevate your soul.

With his EP ‘Stabbed In Konya’ released in 2015, Gohan took us through a conspiracy in the streets of the mystic and inimical city of Konya. This time the path will be more spiritual on the timeless and archaic Mount Athos.

This journey starts in the underworld city of ‘Crackopolis’ (A1) located far away in the Limbo. A steady 4x4 beat with a murky bassline leads the way; you think you have found Heaven, but you are actually on the Edge of Hell.

Mount Athos’ (A2), with its hypnotic drums, bells and deep synth ambient, is the path between two worlds. The road is harrowing with heat and dust, and the ghostly bells are buzzing in your head.

Reaching the mountaintop with the other pilgrims and you can finally start to the eternal ‘Danse Toujours’ (B1), touching the Kosmische with rattling proper electro drums.

You look down and you see her, dressed up as a man, walking with another pilgrim — a pleasant violation of the anachronistic prohibition of the monks against women on the island. This is the darkwave ballad ‘Promenade Avec L’ (B2) on the Mount Athos.

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