Gohan — Gohan Mix #20 — Obscene Semiotic

The relationship between music and its supposed meaning is a long-standing issue. Some scholars claim that the process of signification in music can be described. Martinez applies the interesting Charles S. Peirce’s theory of semiotic on music as follows. According to Peirce, thought is only possible by means of signs. Music is a sort of thought; and thus, the idea that music is sign and depends on significative processes, or semiosis, is obviously true. A musical sign can be a system, a composition or its performance, a musical form, a style, a composer, a musician, her or his instrument, and so on. Consequently, signification occurs in a triadic relation of a sign and the object it stands for to an interpretant, which — in music — is another sign developed in the mind of a listener, musician, composer, analyst or critic.

Based on the very serious Peirce’s theory, I intended to express different emotions by using recognizable musical signs along this new mix… However, I have been quickly pushed back by the high complexity of the task! It appeared to me though that the most universal and identifiable signs was those occurring through the expression of obscenities. Then, nothing else here than coarse signs of obscenity…

Peur Bleue Records - 2020