Gohan — Gohan Mix #18 | Spécial DCDL — Ode an die Freude

Here is my eighteenth mix realized for my dear fellows of the blog Des Chibres et des Lettres. I transcribe here the little text I scribbled on this occasion:

The research of the joy is a thankless task. This emotion arises at the conclusion of a work, a long punishment, and manifests itself by a satisfied relief. We will then attempt, through darkness and delight, to bring you (to) the Joy.
But because of such a fanciful and ephemeral emotion, I pretended here to reach it without ever completely arriving there. What interested me was not the enjoyment in itself but what brings us there. Thus no satisfied celebrations here, just long hesitations.
The choice of the title “Ode to the Joy” in German version is pure snobbery. However, if one had to refer it to a more reasoned choice, it would be about a cynical reinterpretation not of the Ninth Symphony but rather to the Schiller’s pompous (and snobbish) poem:
(And he who cannot, let him steal away,
Weeping, out of this company!)

Peur Bleue Records - 2020