Gohan — Gohan Mix #17 — Arkadi Dolgorouki

“To me more dear the lie ennobling
Than Truth’s dark infamy revealed!*

“But that’s true, you know,” I cried. “There’s a sacred axiom in those two lines!”
“I don’t know. I can’t undertake to decide whether those lines are true or not. Perhaps, as always, the truth lies in the mean: that is, that in one case truth is sacred and in another falsehood. The only thing I know for certain is that that idea will long remain one of the questions most disputed among men. In any case I observe that at the moment you’re longing to dance. Well, dance away then, exercise is wholesome (…).”

Extract from Dostoyevsky’s “The Raw Youth”, Part I, Chapter X (1875)
*from Pushkin’s “The Miserly Knight”(1830)

Peur Bleue Records - 2020