Altkat — Altkat — Trois Jeunes Tambours (video)

Altkat — Trois Jeunes Tambours
Directed By — Jérémie Baboukhian (Marz+Chew)
Music by — Altkat

Peur Bleue Records presents Altkat’s first album, «Tout n’est pas dit» (PBR 003)

Limited edition CD and digital release: 12th November 2013

Altkat is a multidisciplinary secret artist born in the late 1940’s. At 13, during the « yé-yé » phase in France, he won a ham and several sausages at the local trade fair by singing « Oh Daniela, l’amour n’est qu’un jeu pour toi ». The Turkish blind bard, Aşık Veysel, and 60’s Brit Pop’s bands were his models. From photography, drawing and video collage to improvisation, experimental and oriental musical influences, Altkat is a mysterious and versatile artist. Using peculiar samples, traditional instruments and electronic machines, his music is deeply fascinating.
We are extremely pleased that he has accepted to release his first album on Peur Bleue Records.

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